Moving forward

Hello gorgeous! I loved your positive reactions and am looking forward to connecting with you more regularly with my weekly mail! I recently read “Leveraging the Universe”, by Mike Dooley. While this is mainly about the Law of Attraction and how to make sure you use it properly (which about everybody is trying to explain nowadays), I also read some very interesting strategies he gave in this book. I am now going to explore 2 of them with you. #1 is: “When you’re aboard a “runaway train of fear”, let it run. But simultaneously start a new train, with happier, more positive thoughts.” #2 is: “I didn’t need to figure out my past or unravel my beliefs in order to move forward – and neither do you. You just need to move forward, and then the right beliefs will assemble themselves around you quickly enough.” I thought the first one was pure genius. I know for myself I sometimes am so busy trying to fight my negative thoughts (yes, I still have some sometimes!)… And this is so not necessary! All you need to do is pick one positive thing to focus on (and if it is difficult, go back to your gratitude list and/or exercise), and actively work to generate that new train and more positive thoughts, and feeling good about that etc. Of course, it takes some practice… Remember that say: “Happiness is not a destination; it is a way of life”. As a way of life, it takes effort to stick to it, sometimes a lot and sometimes much less, but it definitely takes focus! I find the second one similar and also very interesting. We might have been programmed to try and explain our present by looking back at our past; I have done so myself, many years ago, with the help of a psychotherapist. While I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, what Mike is saying (and I agree with him) is that this is not strictly necessary in order to move forward. He then later explains that you simply need to identify what beliefs would serve you, and act as if they are already yours. Adopt and instill them by acting them out. Remember the Fake it until you make it? Well that’s kind of the same! Even though you will feel it’s fake and you are pretending, that’s how you will then successfully make them yours. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!!!

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