Theme of the week

Hello gorgeous!

I recently had the idea that I should start sending Monday morning motivation emails to my tribe, so I decided to act on it right away!

This is my first one… I hope you will like the idea of receiving every Monday morning a positive email in your inbox, short and sweet, not too long, which should start you off right for the week ahead. If you don’t, it’s ok, just unsubscribe and you will stop receiving them. And if you do like it, I will be thrilled!!!

Today’s email is about picking up the theme of the week. Some of you might be familiar with making a mood board or a dream board at the beginning of the year, to imagine how their dream year looks like. This is a bit the same, but for the week ahead. Imagine you get to choose how you week is going to unfold. Pick that first (positive) word that comes to your mind. What do you pick then?

Say you pick Freedom for instance. What can you do during the week, to bring more of that feeling into your week, to feel freer? Is it taking more time to do nothing and sit outside with a drink? Is it maybe going out with a friend? Is it planning your next holidays? Whatever it is that will bring that feeling to you, just do it this week!

Another example, say you pick Dance. That is really an easy one, right? Just make sure you have your favorite song easily accessible on your phone, or spotify, deezer, whatever you are using to listen to music, and put it on, at least once a day, and dance like nobody is watching (and maybe it’s better that nobody’s watching anyway so you can let yourself go!). You can also plan to go dancing of course, of finally call for a free try of that pole dancing class you have been meaning to take, or belly dancing etc. You get the picture, right? 😉

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!!!

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