Making the right decision

Hello gorgeous,

I had already decided of the topic on the week when that note came to my inbox:

Here’s how to view every decision you’ve ever made, Madeleine: It was right.

Here’s how to view every path you’ve ever chosen: It was right.

Here’s how to view every trend, friend, and dance you’ve ever moved with: They were right.

And here’s how to view the fact that you even exist at all: “I” was totally on fire.


    The Universe

Some of you will recognize the famous notes from the universe written by Mike Dooley, for the others (sorry just in English) you can register there to get those daily notes.

I would like to address the topic of making decisions, I know for some of you it is a really difficult thing to do. I know most people believe there should be a right one and a wrong one and they are afraid they are going to pick the wrong one. My personal view is that there is no bad decision; simply decisions you make and you then live with. And you are also allowed to change your mind, how great is that?! If you look closer, there are not so many decisions that are so definite that there’s no turning back. Even when you resign from a company, you could still come back at a later stage and in a different job. When you split up, you could then realize it was a wrong move and work it out so that the relation continues on a different basis.

I got married (for the first time) at 26. During that day, before going to church, I scared my mum saying: what if I am making a mistake? Although I don’t remember I did that, I perfectly well remember that honeymoon, the fight we had, and realizing getting married was the biggest mistake I ever made. And yet, I don’t see it like that anymore. I think that if I hadn’t gone that far in our relationship, it may as well have lasted longer (that would not have been a good idea either ;-). Getting married made me become conscious that I was in the wrong place (and in case you wanna know, it took me 3 years to try and save our relationship, not succeed, find myself on the way, and get a divorce). So at the end of the day, that was probably the best that happened to me at that time!

I have more examples like that in my sleeve (maybe for another post!), and for the outsider I might be someone making really bad decisions sometimes, but I don’t see it like that at all! Remember, we do our best with what we have and from where we are….

Still need help to make a decision? Here’s a tip: follow you heart! Yes you heard me, there is no need to gather all the different pieces of information you need before making that decision. The only need is to be able to listen to your heart! You listen to the bonus MP3 I sent you during my 7day e-course, to really connect to yourself.

Another alternative is to think of option A and feel in your body, does it expand or does it shrink? And then repeat with option B, and C if you have a 3rd one! Which is the option that felt the best in your body?

And yet another one is to talk to somebody about it (preferably someone who can listen without giving you an advice directly after, as that’s not the point ;-). Often, talking about it and trying to explain to another person will make it clear for yourself which one it is.

I wish you a wonderful week!

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