Who makes your decisions?

Hello gorgeous,

After last week’s mail, I thought I had still more to say on decisions… Hence this one. We often think we are the ones to decide how we live our life, but we also often forget that our motives are not always as pure as we think they are.

Have you ever found yourself in one of the following situations:

  • Not shining your bright light in order not to sound too arrogant?
  • Planning your agenda in order to accommodate the whole family (instead of yourself)
  • Not moving house/country because it would disturb the kids in their organized life
  • Staying in an unhappy relationship/marriage because “it’s not done” to divorce?
  • Not doing something you would like to, because you are afraid of what people might say?

I could obviously use a few more examples but you get the point… And yes we always have a good reason for doing so, we have been educated a certain way, with values our parents gave us, but the truth is they might not really serve us anymore, as we are grown up enough to decide for ourselves, without having to comply to a way of life which is not really ours…

How about asking yourself those questions when you are busy making a decision:

  • Could you hear one of your parents whispering the answer in your ear?
  • Are you trying to please anybody else than you?
  • If there were no one else involved in the consequences of this decision, would you still go the same way?
  • Are you being the best version of yourself right now? Or are you keeping yourself small?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should not take anybody else into account when making one, I am simply trying to get you aware of your motives so that you can look at them and decide if they are worth it (or not!).

Whereas a spouse is definitely worth taking into account 😉 (unless they have a narcissistic personality) I don’t believe it is the same with conditioning, education, but sometimes that is so engrained within ourselves that we don’t realize it…

I wish you a wonderful week!

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