Patience, patience…

Hello gorgeous,

This week I still don’t feel like going back to fears, I find it funny but there’s always something else coming up in conversations that make me tilt and change my mind 😉

This week I want to talk about patience. I guess if you are anything like me, you don’t like to wait at all. When you set your mind on something, you want it and you want it now! While I am writing this, I have to think of little kids who are just the same, wanting their toy or their bottle right now, they don’t know what patience is, the only thing they know is the Now, they live in the Now…

Well, we also live in the Now, but life taught us that we often have to wait in order to get the things we want. How’s that for waiting:

  • I finally got a house with a swimming pool at 46 (while I had been praying like hell when I was about 6…)
  • I finally met my husband (and father of my kids) when I was 34, got kid #1 at 36 and kid #2 at 39
  • My mum finally became a grand-ma when she was 69 (and nearly getting desperate!)

Well, still, I am not patient. When I ask my kids to do something and I have to repeat it 3 times before they act, I get annoyed. When I ask the Universe for something and I don’t get it right away, I get annoyed. When I see people bragging about their business successes, launch successes, I get jealous.

keep-calm-and-have-patience-147And then I have to stop myself and remind myself that it’s important to enjoy the journey, not the destination. Like in this saying: “Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.” We can’t let our happiness depend on something that we want and do not have yet (be it a house, a job, a partner…). I can’t let it stop me from enjoying myself in the Now. And, the other thing that I often forget to do, is to stop and look at all I am doing, recognize I could not fit anything else into my schedule, and pat myself in the back for my hard work, and realize how far I have come.

So how about you? Is anything stopping you from being happy now? Is there anything you want to have (need to have) before you can allow yourself to be happy right now? And can you stop for a minute and look at where you were 6 months ago, and pat yourself in the back, before you go on with your life and your desires for a better life? 😉 (I do have those too, and they are necessary as well for us to progress!)

I wish you a wonderful week!

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