I need to perform!

Hello gorgeous,

I got inspired this morning, as I was preparing for my next coaching call, with a new lady, and feeling a bit stressed about it, until I recognized my own limiting belief: ”I need to perform”. I was then able to let it go and relax into thinking: “I love meeting new people, a coaching session is always different (from the others) and kind of unpredictable anyway, I go with the flow, I am at service and my only wish is to help her as much as possible”.

And then I thought about a few friends of mine, all entrepreneurs as well, procrastinating to finalise their website, or struggling with the idea of recording themselves on camera, or publishing the videos… I was wondering: do they have it too? That limiting belief? That they need to perform? Somehow, it relates to perfectionism of course… that we need to comply to certain standards before we can be happy with ourselves. But we set those standards ourselves, so can’t we lower them? Can’t we be just happy with 90% perfect? Or even 80% (if possible)?

And then I had to think about performance in other activities, not just at work, but also in our everyday life, asking ourselves to be the best always, and even in the kitchen or bed with our partner sometimes…

I am a big fan of “doing my best” all the time, “giving my all” to what I do, but that is different from needing to be the best in class…What I actually want is to continue to “be the best version of myself” without the need to perform! And that is by simply accepting myself and being happy with myself, just the way I am.today I choose to be the best version of myself.

Question for you: do you recognize the need to perform in yourself too? In which circumstances?

If not, great, go on like that!!!

If yes, how about using a mantra like this: “I am doing my best and I am enough”, or “I am doing the best I can and that is more than enough”. Or simply: “Today I choose to be the best version of myself”, or “I am enough”?

I wish you a wonderful week!

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