What do we suck at?

Hello gorgeous,

I feel very touched by your emails back after my post last week. I did not mean to let you believe I was perfect and I did not have bad days nor cracks or faults. I am no different and I keep working on myself ;-).

But it’s true that I prefer to focus on the positive, for me as well as for you when I write, so you don’t get to see much of those.

Well… I started reading a great book a few days ago (The fire starter sessions, by Danielle Laporte). Funnily enough, I knew about it for quite some time, but I only ordered it recently (and then it took me more time to start reading it!). Well, quite early on in the book (p 29 in mine), she advises to admit and to approve of your weaknesses, for it has lasting benefits! One of them being that you then give yourself permission to pursue your genius.
So I started thinking about my faults… And here’s what I could come up with:

  • I can’t bake macaroons. I see myself as a good cook but this is going too far and I am not trying again, I let the professionals do it!
  • I suck at condolences. I never know what to say and I feel useless.
  • I forget all the time about watering the plants. It’s actually a miracle that we have plants inside, for they never get water from me (luckily, Rene takes over when he’s here!)
  • I have read so much on manifesting that I feel I should already be “where I want to be”, but no! Seems like I can help others do it but not myself!
  • I suck at keeping my administration up to date and sometimes I am late paying my bills…
  • I suck at cleaning 😉 I can do the floor fine but I never get to removing the dust nor cleaning the windows!
  • Patience is not my forte…
  • No doubt there is more but I don’t see them right now J

Do we have maybe some in common? What are yours? It actually feels liberating to admit those; you really have to try this exercise for yourself!

Because once we got that out of the way, we can then focus on what we want to cherish and develop further, our qualities, and our skills, out talents. What I recognize as my main talent is “to make people feel good (about themselves)” (and I hope you agree I have this one ;-)). So now I can look at ways to develop it further (and I am already on it of course!).

I wish you a wonderful week!

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