Why you should love yourself as you want to be loved!

Hello gorgeous,

Warning: I am aware that I might sound a bit harsh today. Please bear with me and know that I love you!

Why do we feel people disrespect us sometimes? Because deep down we ourselves do not respect who we are and we let people trespass our boundaries.
Why don’t we feel loved as we would like to? Because we don’t appreciate ourselves enough, we don’t see how divinely perfect we are, so we can’t emanate that to the outer world, and they can’t see it either.

We need to lead by example. We need to set the tone. It all starts with ourselves. So we should be our own best friend all the time. We should be happy with ourselves, never feel lonely, because we are in good company, our own company! We should know how to best take care of ourselves, please ourselves, and love ourselves as the magnificent beings that we are.

Sounds good, right? Well, in practice, it seems to be one of the most difficult things to do. And we find ourselves waiting for others to love us, to please us; we expect the others to fill the gap we feel inside.

Stoooooop!!! I beg you, take responsibility for loving yourself first. Take responsibility for setting your boundaries. Take responsibility for making yourself happy. Only then will the outer world reflect it back to you. You will be respected by others, as you do it yourself first, so you know you won’t let anybody get passed the fence. Others will appreciate your value, as you know it very well by now and appreciate yourself fully. Others will love you for being you, because you will know that you are so lovable, cause you love yourself!

I know you want to follow that. I know you know that’s the thing you should do. And I know how difficult it can be to get there. And I want to help you! But this time I am going to do it differently. I am going to challenge you to do acts of self-love every day for 10 days. Because I can give you all the advice I can think of, but that’s not enough, you need to do the work…

So… I am preparing a 10 days Self-Love Challenge. I already created the FB group for you to join (click here) and share and feel the support of the other women out there. But if you are not on FB, no worries, you can still participate!
It will start on November 18th and will run once a month after the initial round.

What do you need to do? Reply to that email saying: Yes I’am in! and I’ll make sure you get the emails every day. Join the FB group as well if you are on FB (it will be French and English language altogether this time – you’ll all get to practice!)

And if you like quizzes I have this one for you (no strings attached, just for fun!)
Are you in love with yourself? Take it here!

Finally, what I would love is to have many more joining us, so could you share this with your friends who could benefit from this challenge as well? Thanks a lot!!!

I wish you a wonderful week!

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