Respect your time!

Hello gorgeous,

I came across a post from Elizabeth Gilbert (author of the famous Eat, Pray, Love book) and it resonated with me so I am expanding on that with you today. She said she always thought she was a low energy person, until she realized she was not, but she was giving away her energy to difficult relationships and to things and people who were draining her energy. When she stopped, she immediately got a lot more energy. Sounds miraculous, right?

I would like to invite you to have a look at your own energy levels, at how the days go by, and when you feel energetic, and when you feel depleted. For instance, when I am actively engaged in DIY, time flies and I am having so much fun that I am not “losing” energy but it’s like I am producing energy. After a coaching session (or a really good and inspiring conversation), just the same, I feel I have produced energy and feel on a high. But when I have to deal with administrative tasks and annoying neighbors, oh my God, I feel I need to recover after that…

How is it for you? Can you notice what are the tasks and activities that you go through and that are giving you energy, and what are those that are sucking your energy instead? Maybe it’s about the people who are around you as well, positive and uplifting people will always give you energy, and negative people will have a tendency to suck yours…

I encourage you to make a list – or actually 2 lists, one for what/who gives you energy and one for what/who drains your energy, so that you can contemplate it and change your schedule accordingly.

How can you spend more time doing what you love, seeing uplifting people, and less time doing what you dislike and with negative people?

Maybe it will require learning to say no more often… (You can read my post here on setting boundaries for more inspiration).

Maybe it will require you to be more conscious of how you spend your time (and maybe spend less on social media 😉 so that you get more efficient!).

Maybe it will mean do less and be more, as in be less active doing things, and take some time to journal, reflect, meditate, read (and for those of us introverts, time alone is a must in order to regenerate!).


I would love for you to join my 10 days Self-Love Challenge (if you haven’t done so already). Here’s the FB group for you to join (click here). If you are not on FB, no worries, you can still participate, just drop me an email at contact at madeleineroyere dot com! It starts on November 18th.

I wish you a wonderful week!

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