I don’t have a plan!

Hello gorgeous,

Reflecting on those lasts months and what happened in my (professional) life, I was thinking about the fact that I am probably not fit for making plans and following them.

If I look back at my career, I always stayed open and grabbed the opportunities when they appeared instead of having a career plan. I did not have that definite plan that I then made happen. The only time I was sure of what I wanted was when I joined Unilever and I wanted to go to the HR department. That was actually the most difficult thing to make happen (whereas going abroad was a piece of cake J), and then I even realized that was not exactly what I wanted…

Whereas I feel that, when I follow my bliss, things happen. Maybe it looks completely disorganized, maybe it feels weird to others, but it definitely feels good to me to be driven by what brings me joy, even if it means going against what most people would advise.

Back in Jan 2015, I certainly wouldn’t have thought that I would be running women circles by the end of this year. And yet, this is what happened. The need for a community of women around me, the need to share, to feel supported as well as to support others, the need to be with like-minded women, all of that contributed to me joining a one-month training on that exact topic, a training that suddenly appeared to me, from a post on Facebook, and I fell in love with the ideas and the lady and the training and now I can’t wait to run more of those… The funniest thing of all is that, while I was cleaning my inbox today, I came across an email that my good friend Candi had forwarded to me, with the link to this same lady, back in Jan 2015 😉 Life has strange ways sometimes…

So what do I make of all of that?

That, maybe, plans aren’t for everybody. At least, that plans are there so that they can be changed, as we humans are in constant evolution, it only feels logical that it is so for the plans that we make.

That it is important to stay open to new and wonderful opportunities that can come your way and that you maybe wouldn’t have even considered if you were fixed on a specific plan, a specific route to your final destination.

That life (aka the Universe) has strange ways to bring us what we need and what’s good for us, and that we should simply have trust and faith that it will all be ok J


DiemSo how about you? Are you a big fan of plans? Do you manage to stick to them or do they keep changing as well? Can you recognize a good opportunity and do you seize it? Do you trust you will get what you need? I would love to know!

I wish you a wonderful week!

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