Morning routine tips!

Hello gorgeous,

I was talking yesterday with a colleague entrepreneur and we came to the topic of morning routine. Have you heard of the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod?

I haven’t read it yet (it’s on my list to books to read but have not come to it yet)? My colleague uses his framework, which is the following:

Silence (like meditation), Affirmation, Visualization, Scribing (writing), Reading and Exercise (as in: physical activity!). You can do as little as one minute of each, which will “cost” you 6 minutes, or as much as 20’ of each which would be 2h of your time every morning…

That made me think of mine, and of having a morning routine as such… I used to have one, and somehow, somewhere, back in November, it disappeared…

However, mine had some of those components as well, like journaling and exercising, so I could think of merging the 2! But I also know that trying to prop too much into it would not work and only feel discouraging to me, I would not have the required self-discipline… And I had to think about you, my readers, my clients, my friends. Do you have a morning routine (other than shower, eat breakfast, get ready etc ;-))? And would you manage one or does it feel too difficult? And, if it’s so easy to drop it, what could make us have one that fits us, and keep it (or/and adjust it when necessary)?

Because at the end of the day it comes down to motivation… When we are motivated enough, then we do those things, even if they are cumbersome, challenging (like when I got rid of those 5 kg…), difficult…

Plus, we know that a routine would be good for us, so why don’t we do it? What are our excuses? Some of mine are: not having a fixed schedule during the week, already waking up early enough…

But right now, my back is hurting, and my husband is stalking me to get back into my Pilates routine (luckily, my friend Em is starting her free series again so that is going to motivate me – register here if you want in!), so that should be enough motivation, right?

The other thing I noticed with myself is that it is much easier to keep yourself motivated if you have a buddy you need to report to…and a reminder every day… So I went to look on the AppStore to see what was there (sorry for the non Mac users ;-)), and there are loads of Productivity apps we can use to remind ourselves to do tasks, but of course we can add the existing Reminders app that’s already there! Although I think it does not beat having a buddy that you are accountable to…

%22It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.%22 - Meister Eckhart-2

So… who’s with me on that one? Who wants a buddy? Should we make it fun and make pairs to start a morning routine and stick to it? What do you think? I can feel my excitement already building up! So please comment and/or come back to me and I’ll take it from there!

P.S.: I started this morning and here’s mine (30’ long):

Meditation      4’

Affirmation     2’

Visualization   3’

Journaling       5’

Reading          6’

Pilates             10’

Have a wonderful week!

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