5 tips to boost your creativity (and manifesting power)!

Hello gorgeous,

I was reflecting this week with my (Circles) teacher on how things had evolved on the space of a few months. When I started back in October, I wanted to but was feeling hesitant to fix the date for my first circle. Now I have big plans for circles and more, how did I go from hesitation to my big vision (I will tell you about it another time ;-))? The first shift I can’t explain, when I went from hesitation to confidence and daring, it feels to me it happened overnight. But looking back, I have been busy with affirmations, visualizations and gratitude, so it kind of feels logical that it evolved like that! The 2nd one, going to my big vision, comes from a place of “what if everything was possible?”, and daring to imagine and dream big.

So I want to provide you today with tips to dream and create more:

  • A Vision Board or Dream Board. You probably know about it, it’s a collage of pictures and words, phrases, on a big piece of thick paper. I used to do one at the beginning of every year. It starts by gathering and cutting out pictures and words that inspire us from magazines. And it can take quite some time, plus you don’t have to do it all at once. You can flick through magazines, take out what makes you feel good, gather those pieces for a while and then suddenly take that big piece of paper and try to organize it all and glue it all. It does not even have to have a proper clear meaning, but it’s all about how it makes you feel. For instance, a pic of a couple lying at the beach could stand for holidays and/or for finding a new romantic partner, or simply for the feeling of freedom that it gives you to think about the beach. Don’t forget to put it some place where you can see it every day and get into the feelings you want to create. Plus, if you start not noticing it anymore, move it!
  • A variant is a Dream Movie. For the more techies between us, you can gather it all electronically and put those pics all together with a nice music in the background as a short movie, like 3 to 5’. I did that last year myself. Same than before, it’s not enough to create it one time, you need to watch it every day at least once… So you can post it as a private video on YouTube 😉
  • Combining a Be Do Have list with journaling. If you want to know more about the Be Do Have, go here! I told you about my new morning routine, well I use the writing exercise to write about one of the items in my list. So I write for 5’ on one item, as if it has happened already, and I try to write as much as possible about my feelings. I tend to write about a page in my journal every day in those 5’ and it makes me feel good (which is the idea, right?).
  • Get a friend to do a joint “How good could it be” You’ll probably want to record or write it down too! One starts asking those questions: “how good could it be this year for you, what would it mean, what would happen, how would it make you feel, tell me”. So the other answers that with one dream, and then the first one asks again: “ok, great, what else?” and here we go again, until time is up or everything is covered! Then you exchange roles and do the same exercise again.
  • Write a letter to yourself, date it 3 years from now, and write it in the present tense. Describe a typical day of your life 3 years from now, and make sure to include as much as possible feelings and emotions that come to you when you imagine being in that situation as if it is now.

Of course, any combination of those is great too 😉

And, don’t forget, dreams don’t work unless you do, so take inspired action!!!

%22Dreams don't work unless you do%22

Have a wonderful week!

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