5 tips for finding balance

Hello gorgeous,

After 2 weeks into a new part-time job (on top of my other activities of course), I am still busy finding my own work-life balance, as I have the impression that I am constantly juggling. I recently read somewhere (can’t remember where, sorry!) that there is no such things as balance, there is always going left and then going right and then left, but there is never one point of equilibrium in the middle, we are constantly moving (a bit like a GPS that adjusts its course all the time). And maybe that’s true indeed. Finding balance seems like the Holy Grail…

But equally, when your life is forcing you to review who you are and what you stand for, you will most probably be looking for a new equilibrium, and going left and right a few times before settling somewhere in the middle.

I think it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • We (well, actually, everybody on earth ;-)) are work in progress, and we will always be. And that’s a great thing! Because it gives hope! Remember, “the only thing constant in life is change”, said Heraclitus a long time ago… Consequently, we never gonna get it right, because we will always want more, or something different, so we’d better be at peace with that upfront!
  • Our priorities change, our taste changes. What you want today might not be the same tomorrow. When I review my Be Do Have list, I adjust it, I remove and I add things on my list. The basis might be the same (I am still an avid learner and I still want a new car ;-)) but things that had priorities a few months ago don’t have the same now. So take time to regularly review your priorities!
  • Let’s take one day at a time. In any given day, do you have enough things that give you energy, versus things that drain your energy? Or maybe you have more, because you took a day off and it was all for you ;-). And if you don’t, how can you still balance this day with something positive and dear to your heart?
  • Life is testing us. Every. Single. Day. Don’t you get that feeling too? You declare you want something, and then something else is coming, like: are you sure? How about that instead? Life is proposing new lessons every day, and new quizzes too! We get to choose whether we want to learn this lesson today – or not. If not, the opportunity will come back at another time. So if learning it today is too much to ask, it’s ok to leave it for later…
  • Do not compare, I repeat, do not compare yourself to other people. You will always find someone who can do more, better, quicker etc. But comparing yourself to others is a killer, as you will never be satisfied that way. You may, however, compare yourself to who you were before, as long as it’s in your favor 😉 Yes, we get older, maybe we can do less than we used too, but my God, look at how much wiser we have become and all the things that we have accomplished!

There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.” ― Alain de Botton

Have a wonderful week!

Much love, Madeleine

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