Permission to explore!

Hello gorgeous,

What if you could consider everything you do in life as an exploration? What would it change for you? Wouldn’t it take away expectations and add some fun in your life?

Say for instance that you meet a new guy and you are going on your first date with him…Instead of having all kinds of scenarios going through your mind, and already wondering if he is the one, how about considering this appointment as an exploration. You first need to discover if he is a nice guy, if he is interested in you, if there is a sparkle between the 2 of you, if you can imagine yourself in his arms etc…

Because I think in some respect, we already do that, for other things, just not for “important” things. When we want to start a new activity, say acting, or drumming etc, then we go once and we get a feeling for the teacher, for the lesson, for the activity itself, and then we can commit (or not) to a yearlong training… There it’s easy to see it as exploratory, there is no stake, if it does not work out, no problem, right?

But with a relationship or a job, because it feels much more important (and it is!), then we get stressed with the (possible) outcome…It’s like we only have this one chance maybe (or our life is finished!). Or we need to succeed at this job. Cause there is no other one of course… So can you look at that with different glasses? Can you be more playful and relaxed about the outcome, and trust that whatever happens will make you wiser, more experienced, and that you will have tried and explored the possibilities? And that the worst-case scenario is that you now know what does not suit you, so you can eliminate that (type of guy, type of job) from the list?

Try that next time, and let me know how it goes!

Life is a journey, not a destination.

I wish you a wonderful week!

Much love, Madeleine


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