Why wait?

Hello gorgeous,

Have you done your bucket list yet? (If not I encourage you to stop right here and do it, and I share a template for you in this email – but feel free to use any piece of paper you’d like, or your bullet journal for that!) You know, listing all those things that you want to do / see one day before you die? Ok, now you have it? Does it look exciting? Any parachute jumps or big trekking trip? New languages to learn, skills to develop, places to see?…

Well, it’s not enough to have a nice looking list full of nice things, the next step is actually to go and plan and do those things. Because if you don’t, then they were just dreams you never thought you would realize one day, but it just seemed nice at the time of writing… I would like to suggest making 2018 the year when you cross most of those items off your list (don’t worry about finishing the list, if you do, I am sure you will get more dreams to fulfill!)? Because, why wait? For more money? More free time? More energy? Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not going to come to you if you don’t work for it and make some tough choices sometimes. And good health is not a given, it’s also something you need to work hard to maintain, by taking good care of yourself… Sorry to shake you off a bit, but “Life is what you make it”, so make yours one to remember!

About a week ago, I did one of those items on my bucket list. I had always dreamed of trying pole dancing but had never actually done anything about it, apart from taking the flyer from the pole dance school the closest to us. But it suddenly hit me, what was I waiting for, if I wasn’t going to plan it, it would never happen, so let’s go and do it! So I gave a phone call, found a girlfriend to come with me, and off we were, turning around the pole ;-). And we had a blast! (And yes, we are going back! And yes, I remembered I had abs, but well hidden deep inside)

So yes, this one was simple to make happen, but I am sure you have some of those on your list too… Maybe it’s a new sport, maybe it’s a new language, maybe it’s a country you want to visit, take this first step, make an appointment, find a language school (on or offline), get information on the country you want to see, etc… But be a go-getter, go get your dreams today!

I hope this made you think a bit about your bucket list 😉 Please share your actions with me!

 © Madeleine Royere Spiritual Coach

Take good care of yourself and enjoy life!

Much love, Madeleine

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