What to do if stars don’t align?

Hello gorgeous,

Some weeks, you feel like you are in the Zone (or in the Flow) and everything is flowing. But at other times, you feel like things are not working as you would like and you find yourself moaning about what’s going wrong… Well, that was my week this week… Only minor things, like bruising a toe, smashing the screen of my iPhone one more time, getting a migraine again, not getting the car papers we are waiting for (for more than a month…). Nothing earth shattering, but annoying nonetheless! Do you recognize that too?

So, I have been wondering what to do – instead of complaining – when you feel that way, so here are my ideas, good and bad!

  • Throw a tantrum: although this seems like a bad idea, getting this annoyed feeling out of your system is actually a good start to me. A good shout, a good cry, a boxing ball, that can help (at least a bit ;-))
  • Count your blessings: this is a serious idea and it is always a good one. That’s what I did this week to keep my mood up (after the screaming when my phone fell down). Looking at the bright side, focusing on our blessings will always uplift our feelings and put us back on track!
  • Focus on what you want: it is very easy to continue focusing on what went wrong, but doing this will only bring more of it I am afraid… So let’s re-focus on what it is that we want in a positive way and let’s see it done (in my case, a properly functioning iPhone, headspace, a properly functioning body…)
  • Focus on the now: many times, when we feel down, it is enough to focus on the now. You don’t need to meditate (although you are more than welcome to do that), but simply to ground yourself and consider where you are at this minute and what you are busy with today. Shift your focus to now. More often than not, now is good, we are alive, life is ok, we have what we need now etc.
  • Evaluate whether something is good or bad: the difficulty is always to know in the moment, it always generally makes sense afterwards… And some things are just neither good nor bad. I mean, apart from hurting for 10 minutes when I hit it, what’s wrong with a (possibly) broken toe? And my phone is still working even though it looks a bit sad like that ;-). Remember that sometimes, a “bad” event can be a blessing is disguise…
  • Do something new and/or creative: being creative works all the time with me, I become present to what I do, it takes my mind off things and I get happy that way. Even if being creative is not your thing, you can still try something new, open your mind to new horizons, research a new topic or watch an interesting talk. Maybe then you will also get new ideas, and potentially solutions to what was troubling you.

So what do you do when things go wrong? Please share your tips and ideas!

Keep your eyes on the stars

Take good care of yourself and enjoy life!

Much love, Madeleine

How to choose your glasses?

Hello gorgeous,

Even though I really need to get a new pair of glasses for myself and I often have difficulties knowing what shape and color suits me best, this is not exactly what I want to talk about today ;-).

I want to talk about the pair of glasses you use to look at the world. We all have one. We all see a different world, based on our vision of how it all works, our education, our school system, our religion etc. And it might serve us well, or not.

Remember, when we fall in love, we see the world through a pair of pink glasses? How everything looks beautiful, simply because we are in love?

And how, when we are depressed, it all seems black or grey?

Did you ever heard of that management game, the 6 thinking hats? (Click here if you want more info, it was created by Edward de Bono). The idea is that each hat has a color and represents a certain way of thinking. By mentally wearing a certain hat, we take on the corresponding role and express ourselves accordingly. For example, a Green Hat symbolizes creativity, so the person wearing it will look for possibilities, alternatives, new ideas, and new concepts. While wearing the Yellow Hat, you will explore the positives, show brightness and optimism. And if you wear the Black hat, you are the devil’s advocate and will spot difficulties, dangers, and all that can go wrong. So while this last one is useful, too much of it is also depressing 😉

So… which color do you think your most used hat is?

And you know what, the best part is that you get to choose, from now on (in case you didn’t know you could!). I know it can feel difficult to try and switch your mood from depressed to positive in a split second, but I am sure it helps visualizing yourself with one of those colored hats (or glasses, if you prefer!)

Now, changing hat or glasses will not change the world around you (yet), but it will change your point of focus, and that’s a lot! When I tell people I don’t watch the news, most react surprised, like they would not even think of not watching them, like I am crazy! But why am I doing that? Because I choose not to be polluted with negativity every day, I choose to focus on what’s positive instead. I will no doubt know about all those terrible things happening because I will come across them on Facebook or somebody will tell me anyway, but at least I decide what I get to watch and I decide to focus on the positives in my life and around me.

And that comes back (again) to the Law of Attraction, as the more I see positives, the more I see good things to be grateful for in my life, the more I will attract more of those good things.

Do you think you can give it a shot? Focus on the positives, putting on a Yellow hat for a while (or pink glasses!), and let aside (as much as possible) the negativity around you? Even if it’s that time of year when you have to do your tax declaration, or annoying papers, can you look at the task ahead with optimism and looking at the bright side of it?

If you had a different concept of yourself, everything would be different. Neville

I wish you a wonderful week!

Much love, Madeleine