Why this blog

I had a block with blogging. I thought I would never have enough inspiration to write regularly in order to have a proper blog, so I did not get started. Until I felt called to send my tribe my Monday Morning Motivation Mails. I had such great response that it encouraged me to go on. And then, as I was still inspired to write more, I decided to make my MMMMs available to all by sharing them on the blog. I now put them all on this blog as well as sending them by email on a weekly basis (except when I take a break from time to time 😉

My bio 😉

Born and raised in France, I am a slasher, meaning I do many things: spiritual coach, English trainer, Community manager and to be-writer. After working for multi-national companies in the fields of IT, interior design, human resources and teaching, I certified as a Heart Intelligence Coach. Always drawn to helping people, I now work with clients all over the world to assist them in creating a life of purpose filled with joy and happiness. I met her Dutch husband while living in the Netherlands and we moved back to the South of France (where I come from) in 2014 where we live a delicious life with our two lovely daughters and our two gorgeous Golden retrievers and get to enjoy 300+ days of sunshine, good food and even better wine. When I am not coaching, training, facilitating or writing, I enjoy family life that includes DIY-ing, decorating our house, spending time with great friends, reading about metaphysics, cooking and tasting wines.


Madeleine Royere, Pic taken by Ange Mistik

I would like to invite you to join the many women who’ve already taken and benefitted from my FREE 7-Day Feel Good e-course. Simply use this link: Register here! and you will receive an email each day (starting tomorrow) with a quick and actionable step that will rapidly (or instantaneously) uplift your mood! And after the 7 days you will automatically receive my Monday Morning Motivation Mail (you can unsubscribe anytime!)

Last updated on 27 December 2017


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