Women Circles

Explore your Inner Goddess

What is a Women Circle?

It is a sacred time spent together with other women, time for yourself, time for sharing, for creating, for acknowledging.

A women community allows us to go further, deeper, in discovering and uncovering ourselves, in our reflection, our process and progress. We see ourselves in the other, we understand the other, we see what she does not see, we hold the mirror, and we encourage and support her.

Why “Explore your Inner Goddess”?

Because I feel we do not celebrate enough the divine beings that we are. Because we all have inside us riches and resources that we don’t even know exist, and that are dying to surface and be acknowledged.

What will we do during that time together?

During one hour, we will:

  • Connect (to ourselves and the others)
  • Meditate
  • Create
  • Talk, share
  • Give and receive

What this circle is not:

Another opportunity for chitchat together, for that you don’t need me 😉

What’s in it for me?

The benefits are diverse and depend of what you want and need, but here are a few:

  • You feel relaxed and at peace
  • You meet new gorgeous women
  • You take care of yourself and take time for yourself
  • You feel inspired
  • Your self-confidence receives a boost
  • You are full of energy for the week ahead

Where is it?

Online, in the comfort of your own home, using zoom to connect via video

How long does it take?

1h, once a month, starting at 9 pm CET (8 pm UK time)

Starting in January 2016, every 3rd Thursday of the month (so 21st Jan, 18th Feb, 17th March etc).

How must does it cost?

10 euros (15 for 2 if you bring a girlfriend 😉

How do I register?

Send an email to contact@madeleineroyere.com with your details so that I can come back to you with more info!