On Compassion…

Hello gorgeous,

Have you ever found yourself confronted with an annoying human being, feeling triggered, not understanding the other person’s attitude or point of view? Well I dare say we all do from time to time. When we are not triggered by our pets… 😉 (my dog, for instance, considers that every shoe left unattended is her own, and works very hard at destroying it as quickly as possible!)

Maybe you have to deal with a possessive mother-in-law, or a father-in-law who keeps asking for your help but seems completely unable of feeling grateful and saying thank you, or maybe (I have nothing against in-laws in general, don’t get me wrong!) at work, there are some colleagues you can’t quite understand and follow, maybe a boos got all the credit for something you’ve done etc. you get the picture.

Well, what if for a second or two you could consider the following, as a given principle:

“We all do the best we can, with what we have, from where we are.”

Wouldn’t you be able to feel more compassion towards those people? You might still think that their best is about your worst, and that’s ok, but we all have a different path to follow and different things to learn in order to grow, we are at different places in our lives.

And then, how about ourselves for a minute? Can’t we agree that we do our best in every situation, even if later we say to ourselves “oh I should have reacted differently” etc. We do with what’s available to us at that minute, right? So why don’t we give ourselves a break and feel more compassion for ourselves as well? Let’s stop for a minute to be so perfectionistic for example, or so demanding with ourselves, and let’s feel that, yes, we do our best, and our best should be enough.

I wish you a wonderful week!

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