About me

Why this blog

I had a block with blogging. I thought I would never have enough inspiration to write regularly in order to have a proper blog, so I did not get started. Until I felt called to send my my tribe my Monday Morning Motivation Mails. I had such great response that it encouraged me to go on. And here I am, 2 months down the road, still inspired to write more, so I decided to make my MMMMs available to all by sharing them on the blog. Am now putting 8 in a row and will add them weekly from now on 😉

My bio 😉

Born and raised in France, Madeleine Royère-Koonings is an International spiritual coach and writer. After working for multi-national companies in the fields of IT, interior design, human resources and teaching, she became certified as a Heart Intelligence Coach. Always drawn to helping people, she now works with clients all over the world to assist them in creating a life of purpose filled with joy and happiness. She met her Dutch husband while living in the Netherlands and they recently moved back to the South of France where they live a delicious life with their two lovely daughters and their gorgeous dog and get to enjoy 300+ days of sunshine, good food and even better wine. When she is not coaching or writing, she enjoys family life that includes renovating and decorating their house, spending time with great friends, reading about metaphysics, cooking and tasting wines.


Madeleine Royere, Pic taken by Ange Mistik

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