Celebration time baby!

Hello gorgeous,

It just came to me today that I should talk to you about celebrating. Celebrating what, you are asking? Well, there is so much to celebrate…

Think about where you are now. We are past the middle of the year, so look back at those first 6-7 months. What happened in your life during all that time?

  • Did you maybe sell your house, or buy a new one, or both?
  • Did you launch your first e-course?
  • Did you write that book?
  • Did you increase your income?
  • Did you give yourself an upgrade (whether that means for you, buying new clothes, furniture, more self-care etc!…)?
  • Did you take a big (and often) difficult decision?
  • Did you decide to be less demanding for yourself and more compassionate?
  • Did you finally take (computer-free) holidays?
  • Did you make new friends?
  • Did you spend time with your good friends?
  • Did you love?
  • Did you get a coach? 😉
  • And whatever else you can think of!

If the answer to at least one of them is Yes, then you’ve got to celebrate!!!

As I write this, I have to think about Brendon Burchard (personal development trainer and author of a few good books – amongst which “The Charge”), his philosophy is to ask yourself those 3 questions (and not just at the end of your life ;-)):

  • Did I live?
  • Did I love (hey, not just another human being, but yourself as well…)?
  • Did I matter?

If we say yes, we are on purpose!

I am planning to celebrate with my friends at the end of August, and I have already a few reasons to: 8 years married, 13 years together, turning 48, 2 years back in the south of France, and I am planning to add even more reasons to celebrate between now and then.

So how about you? Getting in the mood already ;-)?

I wish you a wonderful week!

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