Letting go!

Hello gorgeous,

For this week’s post, I asked a friend of mine what she wanted me to talk about and here’s what she came up with 😉 What a big topic indeed… I feel like I might just scratch the surface in one go but here we go!

What, Why and When should I let go? Let’s first set the scene for our letting go of today by giving you an example. Suppose you want something very very badly (a job, a lover, money, whatever it is). As long as you hold on to it, it probably won’t happen; you are not giving it enough space. It helps to give the Universe some indication of what it is that you want; however being too precise is generally killing it, so it’s often about the right balance…

Do you want this specific job you applied for, or do you want to find the job that will fulfill you because it uses your specific set of skills and feels rewarding?

Do you have your eyes set on one specific guy or do you want to find a relationship that’s easy, loving and enjoyable?

Do you want to make money with a specific job or product or service (or by winning at the lottery!) or are you open to more ways for money to come in?

Often (or so the specialists say), what is really important is the feeling you are after, which is the result, whereas the “How it happens” is not that important.

To summarize here: we should let go of the how, while having our eyes fixed on the result (the feeling), because by letting go, we are letting things happen for us, instead of going by force. Again, no misunderstanding here please, we should still do our part of the job, as always (difficult to meet a new guy if we stay at home 24/7…). But once we know what is that feeling that we want, and know what it is that we can do about it, then we should let go of the rest.

Your next question, I suppose, is the following: How can I let go? I am with you on that one; it’s the most difficult part of the whole story of course… So here are a few tips for you!

  • Ask and forget: that’s the ideal way of course, but I only advise it for small things, when you are not too attached to the result, when it’s more a “nice to have”. Did you read E2 from Pam Grout? In her book she is suggesting some experiments with the Universe, I find it a good idea to practice your Ask and Forget muscle. It helped me, as I already had difficulties with the first one…
  • Focus on result not on process: concentrate on what is the feeling that it will give you when you have what you want: happy, fulfilled, abundant, joyful etc? Even if you can’t yet think of how it could / should / would happen, realize that there are many more ways that you can imagine right now for those good things to come to you, so stay focused on the feeling.
  • Be in the present moment: it’s all that we ever have at our disposal… If we worry, we are in the future. If we mourn, we are in the past… But in the here and now, we are fine, we are safe and all is well…
  • Get physical: dance, get a massage, go for a run etc. Nothing better to make you forget everything, ground yourself and be in the present moment!
  • Gratitude, the all round – works for everything – recipe! When nothing else works, try gratitude! And when everything works, you may also try gratitude J. Gratitude for all that you have, and if you can and dare, gratitude for what you are aiming for, as if it’s there with you already.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God’s gift, that’s why we call it the present.Joan Rivers

Have a wonderful week!

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